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Digital Drawings

Set Outlining

I made a minimalistic drawing of my school set. I outlined each set piece and the stage along with a couple props that were on the stage. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this piece.  I did this piece because it was satisfying to make the lines look clean and sharp.

Gelantinous Cube (WIP)

This is a prop from my school's play. The show itself went between the real world and a fantasy world called Newlandia.  I thought the picture was pretty cool between the lighting and the Gelatinous cube prop. I wanted to digitally paint it to transform and make the fantasy world of the show come to life. 

Nobe Painting.png

Nobe Painting (WIP)

This piece is based on a picture I took during a camping trip. I then in photoshop used the digital paint brushes to paint over it. I really liked doing the outline for the power lines and the mountain. I made multiple layers to try to get as much detail as possible for the colors of the sun and water.

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