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My time during Matilda was exciting as I was part of the  run crew. There was several set pieces that we rented that needed to be brought on and off the stage. One challenge that arose during the pre production was, creating a chalkboard that could be written on but also light up to reveal pre existing words.  It was also interesting timing set changes properly after musical numbers as the cast would be flooding the wings depending on the cue. 

However one of the things we didnt rent was Chokeys used in the pivitol scene of the show. Where Magnus starts writting on the chalk board and scares away Trunchbull. However at the start of the scene Trunbll calls in chokeys and says all the school childeren will be sent there. So I helpd create them from casters and pieces of scrap wood to make the inside appear sharp. 

IMG-5963 (1).jpg
IMG-5960 (1).jpg
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