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Promotional Material

Play Promo Logo (SKM)

I made this as part of the promo material for my school's play during my Junior year of high school. I used photoshop to trace out the shape of the dice and then put the initials of the show's title She Kills Monsters.

SKM logo (1)_edited.png

She Kills Monsters
Meet The Crew and Cast Cards 

I made get to know the crew/cast cards that were posted on the instagram account for the theater club. Each card has the name, a picture, the grade, and character/job of the person on the card. This allowed for not only the show to be promoted but also highlighted those within it.

Meet the Cast and Crew Cards

I made these for my senior year play since the ones from the previous year were well recieved. I tried to make them appear like a letter arriving from a certain magical school. I made them a lot less info heavy and tried to fill space than I did with the ones last year.

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