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I had a few responsiblities during my senior year play. One was a role  I was quite familiar fight captain and which made me responible for the finale battle scene. It was  different from when I did combat for She Kills Monsters because it was a much larger group. Going from teaching choereo to around 8 people to closer to 20 is a big jump. It meant I would have to work differently than I had before. Trying to look at the bigger picture since I would get carried away if I tried to fix every small error.  

My other role was assistant prop master which I had never done before. I brought props to actors and even made a couple. Props was very different from other jobs I have had before. Because sometimes certain props would be almost an instanious hand off while others I had several scenes to distribute. Working with props taught me the importance of keeping track of things. All in all during my time in PUFFS I got to not only do a job familiar to me but also a completely unfamiliar one. 

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