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She Kills Monsters

This was the first production where I had been part of the process. At the very beginning I had the opportunity to take on a very important job. I was the head fight captain for my sophomore year play. I was very interested in doing it because I had taken martial arts for several years and had previous experience with combat through sparring competitions. I quickly learned that stage combat is very different from actual combat, nonetheless I still had an absolute blast helping teach choreography to the cast. From showing up to rehearsals to running fight calls the days of the shows I learned so much about stage combat but also how productions work as a whole. 


Another interesting thing I wanted to mention was being part of the run crew for the show was similar yet different to when I ran projections. Especially because the set we had built included a turn table in the center of the stage. Me along with 3 other crew members were given the role of turning it anytime there needed to be a scene change from chucks room to new landia. That role taught me the importance of working with others to properly transition to the next scene.

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